New Memberships/Transfers

Welcome to the Deer Creek Water Corporation Community.  We are a non-profit rural water corporation which is owned by our members. Memberships belong to the individual user and may be sold or transfered to a new member.

Each customer is required to purchase a Membership and pay the associated impact fee and meter installation fee.  In addition, each new member is required to donate the deep water rights (below 200' under the property to be served) to Deer Creek Water Corporation.  Members reserve the right to drill domestic wells above 200' on their property as long as the well is not connected to any plumbing which contains water from the DCWC system.

Current rates and policies may be found on our website under Customer Service > Rates and Policies.

Please contact us by phone at 405/348-0285 for information pertaining to purchasing a Water Membership. We look forward to serving your water needs. 

To Transfer your existing membership to a new user, you will need to complete this form and bring it to our office.  The Assignment of Membership form will be completed at our office when you pay your final bill in full.  

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